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Stay on Track: 5 Tips to Get Ready for Running

Have you deal with knee, ankle, hip, or low back pain while running? It can be an incredibly difficult hurdle to get over if you are a runner. Spring is finally starting to show its face here in Wisconsin and while the temperatures rise, it is only natural for us to get out our running… Read more »

Heads Up! Progress in Concussion Treatment!

Pun completely intended. I apologize for nothing. In the last ten years, the amount of knowledge of the signs, symptoms, and repercussions of concussions has increased dramatically. This past week there were two huge developments in the prevention and care for concussions in youth athletes in the state of Wisconsin: the introduction of the HeadStrong… Read more »

Remember to Hinge

Ever pick up something heavy and throw your back out? The simple technique of “hinging” can help prevent the next painful tweak. Hinging requires a person to keep their stomach braced and bend at the hips…not the back. Bending at the hips allows the individual to better utilize their glutes (specifically the gluteus maximus, also… Read more »


Breathe into your Belly Breathing is typically not an action most people think about on a daily process. For most people, breathing is an action that happens on its own like blinking the eyes.  Who has the time to think about something you don’t have to think about?  On top of not thinking about breathing,… Read more »