At Integrated Pain and Joint Care, we offer a variety of specialties and services for pain-relief and treatment. Experienced specialists work together to treat your pain at the source (not just the symptoms) WITHOUT surgery or painkillers. No prescription or physician-referral is needed.

You’ll feel better. Faster. Longer.

Call the front desk at (414) 332-6001 to book your appointment. (Be sure to have your insurance info ready!)

Services and Rates:

Most services can be covered under insurance and Medicare. If your pain is work-related or from an auto/motorcycle accident, we’ll help get your injury costs covered. We also accept HSA, HRA, or Flex Plans.

To see which insurance and payment methods we accept, click here.


May be covered by insurance!

Chiropractic is a safe and highly-effective conservative treatment option for musculoskeletal conditions. Our staff evaluates the spine and extremity joints and their supportive soft tissues to determine proper body mechanics and movement. We assess extensively and elaborately to determine the pain and dysfunction, and provide an overall plan to return to pain-free movement.

Initial Evaluation- $150

Follow-up Visit- $75

Follow-up X-Rays- $50 per series


Typically covered by insurance!

With a comprehensive approach, we integrate functional exercise to strengthen the body and address movement dysfunctions that can be the source of many types of injuries. We work to restore or maintain the patient’s strength, mobility, and function– WITHOUT painkillers! Our main goal is to help patients achieve reduced pain to re-establish movement, return to an independent lifestyle, and prevent future injury.

60 minutes- $75 (often covered by insurance)


May be covered by insurance!

The Goodyear Signature Massage is a specific treatment utilizing a mixture of relaxation and therapeutic massage techniques to rejuvenate our patient’s bodies.  The provider will target and relieve your specific ailments by administering a combination of deep tissue, therapeutic, nerve flossing and traditional massage techniques.  The soothing touch of hot stones, hot towels, and cooling ice massage will complete the treatment by reducing any fascial tension or inflammation respectively.

Signature Massage

30 minutes- $45

55 minutes- $75 (MOST POPULAR)

85 minutes- $115


Acupuncture is very effective in treating a variety of conditions including, chronic pain, back pain, arthritis, sciatica, migraines, depression, stress management, allergies/sinus, reflux, IBS, weight loss, women’s health, gynecological problems, prenatal and postnatal discomforts.

Initial Evaluation- $150

Follow-up Treatment- $75


May be covered by insurance!

Our experienced Physical Therapists use a combination of manual therapy and exercise, as well as a variety of pain relief modalities, to help the body return to normal function.

Initial Physical Therapy Appointment (30 minutes)- $65

Initial Physical Therapy Appointment (60 minutes)- $130

Follow-up (15 minutes)- $40

Follow-up (30 minutes)- $65


Dry Needling involves multiple advances of a filament needle into the muscle in the region of a “Trigger Point”.  The aim of Dry Needling is to achieve a local twitch response to release muscle tension and pain.

Initial Dry Needling Appointment (30 minutes)- $65

Initial Dry Needling Appointment (60 minutes)- $130

Follow-up (15 minutes)- $40

Follow-up (30 minutes)- $65


Cold Laser Therapy or Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is a treatment that utilizes specific wavelengths of light to interact with tissue and helps accelerate the healing process. It helps eliminate pain, swelling, reduce spams, and increase functionality.

Treatment- $25

Pre-paid 5 pack- $100 (SAVE $25!)


1 session- $25

5 pack- $100

10 pack- $200


Pre-engineered tape-based therapeutic supports facilitate a functional medicine approach to pain modulation and myofascial dysfunction. Taping aids in pain reduction, prevention, and performance enhancement through increased proprioception.

Treatment- $25

Pre-paid 5 pack- $100 (SAVE $25!)


Fusion Gym is located upstairs from Goodyear Chiropractic Health Center. The trainers offer exercise rehabilitation and personal training in a state-of-the-art facility. Each trainer has a four-year degree, specializes in DNS, and is highly skilled in preventing injury. These certified coaches employ smart, powerful, and strategic exercise programs that significantly decrease risk of injury while drastically increasing fitness.

Individual Services:

First-Time Introductory Offer for New Clients (one-hour private session)- $20

Functional Movement Screen- FREE with the first appointment

Individual Half-Hour Personal Training Session- $35/half-hour

Individual One Hour Personal Training Session- $65/hour

Individual 10 pack (60 minutes)- $600.00

Semi-Private (2 or more people in the session) Services:

Semi-Private Personal Training (2 or more clients) for 60 minutes- $30/hour*

*Note: this is for 2 or more people in a session. If your party doesn’t show up we will need to bill/debit the missing person.